Why you should consider taking part in part–time training

As an increasingly popular form of training, many students choose to follow a sandwich course or part-time training as it combines both practical and theoretical skills. Although the pace may seem tiring, it offers many benefits...

Financial independence with work-linked training

Nowadays, work-linked training is synonymous with success! This type of training was always considered to be a way out before it became popular. Indeed, the number of new apprenticeship contracts is constantly increasing. From the Certificates of Professional Competence to the Master's degree, all students on work-study contracts receive a salary. This salary is calculated according to the student's age, level of study, and the contract signed with the company. This contract can be a professionalization or apprenticeship contract. Depending on the company, you may benefit from various other advantages such as bonuses, a health insurance scheme, or luncheon vouchers. Within the limit of the minimum wage, your salary will not be taxable and the allowance will not be subject to employee contributions even if you are attached to your parents' tax household.

Train and gain experience at the same time

In addition to having a salary, you will no longer have to pay school fees; the work-linked training can be entirely financed by your company for the duration of the contract. You will obtain the same diploma as that of initial training. The recognition is therefore the same. However, it is up to you to make the most of your professional experience. Throughout the sandwich course, you will be fully integrated into the company. You will be considered as a full employee. Your apprenticeship master or tutor will give you real responsibilities and assignments. Your employability will then be enhanced because you will acquire a certain number of professional skills.  

A better professional integration

On the job, you will be able to gain a lot of experience and thus better face recruiters during your future interviews and stand out more easily from other competitors. For your CV, having completed a sandwich course is an asset. You will even have a good chance of being hired by your host company. By going for work-linked training, you benefit from a double advantage: that of an employee and that of a student.

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