What are the types of DELF (French Language Studies Diplomas)?

If you want to certify your French language level, you can take the DELF. It is issued by the French Ministry of Education and intended for a very wide audience: foreigners and non-French speakers alike can take the certification. There are several DELF tests, as the exam comes in six versions corresponding to the six levels defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Here are a few points to know about the DELF.

Introduction to the DELF

The DELF is an official diploma, harmonised with the CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is valid for life and recognised throughout the world. It can help you get a job by boosting your CV credentials. The DELF B1 can help you obtain French nationality and the DELF B2 increases your chances of getting into a French-speaking university. You can take your DELF with GlobalExam.

What level do you need to achieve?

Depending on your level, it is up to you to choose the exam you want to take. - The DELF A1 test: this is the first level of DELF on the CEFR scale of levels. It certifies an elementary level of the French language, i.e. it is similar to a discovery of the language. - The DELF A2 test: it assesses so-called elementary users. A candidate at the A2 level can use politeness, formulas, or everyday life. For this level, the test generally lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and consists of four papers. - The DELF B1 test: at this level, you should already have had good proficiency in the language and been able to cope with everyday situations,  give your opinion, interact with other people and understand a discussion. For this level, DELF uses four tests of language comprehension and expression. - The DELF B2 test: this is the last level of DELF. You already have a good level in the language. You can argue a point of view, negotiate and give the best possible arguments. You are already comfortable speaking. The test lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes, so the tests are longer.

The target group and validation

DELF is aimed at older teenagers, adults, foreigners and even French people. In short, it is intended for anyone who wants to assess their French language skills. To validate your level of French and receive your diploma, you must obtain at least 50/100 and a minimum of 5/25 in each test. Like the DALF, the DELF is a lifetime exam.

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