The training courses that can be undertaken in the digital sector

For the past few decades, the digital world has been the most recruiting field in the world. It serves various sectors of activity such as finance and industry as well as telecommunications and commerce, but also security and education. This field offers an endless range of jobs and careers. But the questions that arise are: what are the different training courses to be undertaken in the digital field? What are the requirements for training in the digital sector and where can you find these courses? Here are the answers...

What are the different training courses offered in the digital sector?

At present, many courses can be taken in the digital field. For instance, to become an IT specialist in France, you can go for a “Baccalaureate + 2” course in SIO or BTS Computer Services for Organisations or a BTS Digital Systems, option networks and IT. But you can also follow a training course to obtain the MAE with different specialisations. Then, one can follow a training course of “Baccalaureate +3” to obtain a professional licence and also to acquire various knowledge necessary to exert a trade in the field of the digital. This will provide a good basis in the teaching of fundamental computer science. And finally, one can also choose to follow a “Baccalaureate + 5” training to obtain a diploma of engineer in data processing or others.

What are the requirements for training and where can you apply for it?

In France, the only requirement for training to become a digital specialist is to have the baccalaureate. In addition, there are currently many schools specializing in the digital sector, each offering different courses in the fields and professions for which they prepare. And they differ in terms of admission requirements, tuition fees and reputation.

The job opportunities for the training courses in the digital sector

Generally speaking, there are many opportunities for training in the digital field. In France, for instance, if one follows a “BUT” training in statistics and decisional computing, equivalent to a baccalaureate, he/she can become an expert in data management, or specialise in computer science and web networks or others. This diploma is appreciated in various sectors for the positions of statistical developer or data manager. Then, if you have a minimum of 5 years of higher education, you can also become an engineer specialised in marketing, computer science and statistics or an engineer in cloud computing or others. And finally, there is the possibility to become an expert technician in web communication or web marketing.

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