Business English: what skills do you need to work abroad?

If you want to work abroad in an English-speaking country, mastering all sorts of skills including business English is essential. Before you apply anywhere, refine your language skills and take official exams to prove your worth. Here are, for that…

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How to improve the logistics of a company?

Logistics covers activities related to a warehouse location, procurement, receiving, handling, storage, order picking, distribution, and tracking of goods. Currently, the main goal of every company in the logistics sector is to rationalise its logistics or supply chain is indispensable….

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What are the benefits of starting a franchise?

Franchising is a way of working together established between a business, called a franchisor, and one or more businesses called franchisees. The number of networks and people who choose to open a franchise to start their own business is increasing…

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What are the most sought after soft skills in companies?

In addition to candidates’ technical qualifications, companies are increasingly taking into account their soft skills when recruiting. These allow them to choose the ideal candidate from among applicants with the same professional background. But what do we mean by soft…

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What is social selling and how to integrate it into your business?

To strengthen your business online, implement a social selling strategy is the way to go! This solution allows you to increase your sales and improve your brand awareness. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to call on a specialist…

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