How to aknowledge your employees’ skills through indivicual discussions?

Today, many companies require managers to call in their team members one by one for individual interviews. Being a private moment of exchange, the individual interview is like an annual meeting between an employee and a manager. For the former, it is an opportunity to assess the new skills acquired by the latter, evaluate the work accomplished and set new objectives. Here are some key points to know about the individual interview.

Valuing your staff members: what is it about?

Valuing is aknowledging the importance of an effort, a result or a behaviour. Valuation and recognition are tools for the manager to support and motivate employees and also to anticipate conflicts. So, recognition is an essential value for the proper functioning of a team. Moreover, it allows for better performance. The positive information sent to the employees is important as it strengthens their motivation and boosts their desire to work and innovate. Some managers prefer criticism when one of their employees makes a mistake and fail to congratulate them by emphasising the positive aspects of their actions. Valuation can be done by inviting each employee to an individual interview. Giving importance to your employees can only be beneficial.

Why you should aknowledge the importance of your employees

The heart of the company is the employees. Without them, it is impossible to move forward. For a good manager, valuing his employees has various implications: - Motivation: if an individual feels appreciated for his or her worth, he or she is more likely to do the job well. - Involvement: when their talent and skills are valued, your employees give meaning to their work by getting involved in their missions. - Empowering: valuing can build self-confidence. - Promoting well-being at work: employees who are valued feel comfortable in their work. Psychosocial issues and absenteeism are reduced.

Ways of recognizing the importance of your employees

While sincere or excessive appreciation can quickly backfire, managers must ensure that they aknowledge that their employees are important to them. As they are the best ambassadors of a company. Here are, then, a few ways to make your employees feel valued: - Communicate effectively (congratulate, acknowledge efforts, etc.) - Listen and be available - Show empathy - Take care of them - Trust them - Delegate - Involve their loved ones in important events - Support them

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